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Structuring Frontier and Emerging Market Transactions

Homestrings was founded more than ten years ago as a web-based crowdfunding platform that provides the 240 million Diaspora with exclusive access to vetted opportunities in Frontier and Emerging markets. With over 5,000 members and a four-year track record, Homestrings has funded over $25 million for 35 transactions in 12 countries with minimum capital. Homestrings was originally an early-stage crowdfunding platform in Africa with an emphasis on Diaspora investment, Impact, and Development. Currently, we focus on structuring Frontier and Emerging Market Transaction moving from crowdfunding to creating pipelines of structured transactions for global access.

Current & Past Engagements

Homestrings has been engaged to assist in the packaging of a pipeline of projects focused on increasing Foreign and Diaspora Direct Investment into the Caribbean region.

Homestrings launched Remit-Aid an Asian migrant worker Covid response program to assist with financial safety nets for families “back home”.

Homestrings is partnering with Orango, a private equity transactions platform, to focus on South-South transactions structuring and investment opportunities.

Homestrings/DMA Diaspora Investment Conference Series

Homestrings, together with Developing Markets associate, launched successful diaspora investment symposiums in London covering West Africa, Nigeria and East Africa.

Homestrings in the Media – Past & Present

Homestrings at Harvard

The innovation Homestrings presented in 2012 caught the attention of the Harvard Business School resulting in a case study: Homestrings, Inc.: Diaspora-Based Financing and the Crowd Funding of Development. The case explores the vision Homestrings has for the diaspora and also digs deep into serious challenges faced by Homestrings in the early years of its launch.

Past Projects

Promoting Remittance for Development Finance Feasibility Study

  • Sri Lanka

The Potential Economic Role of the Caribbean Diaspora

  • Haiti

Promoting Remittance for Development Finance Feasibility Study

  • Bangladesh

The Potential Economic Role of the Caribbean Diaspora

  • Jamaica

“As an inaugural event, I think it is fantastic, I believe as many as 300 investors were present today. I think that it’s been a great opportunity for matchmaking of those individuals with capital to invest looking for long-term investment and for short-term opportunities as well as those entrepreneurs and project companies looking for financing. So as far as I’m concerned I think that a lot of business cards have been exchanged here today. I think there’s a lot of people walking away happy having made the connections they need to finance deals and close those deals”.

Nana Spio-Garbrah
Senior Financial Analyst, African Development Bank

“This platform has been wonderful because we have investors from everywhere, many of whom do not know Nigeria very well so we were able to talk to them about their perception of Nigeria. That Nigeria is a very interesting place to invest and that is an in limitless opportunity for a meaningful investment in Nigeria. “
Kolapo Lawson
CEO at Lawson Corporation

“I think it is an excellent app because sometimes you have projects and you do not have funds and this is a unique opportunity where you have those who have funds and those who have projects sitting in the same room and working out ways and means of forming some collaboration to ensure projects are delivered”
Aleruchi Cookey-Gam
Administrator Port Harcourt Development Authority


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