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The Homestrings Team

The Homestrings team is characterized by diversity and balance in gender, age, and national origin.

Our staff is characterized by diversity and balance in gender, age, and national origin. We are committed to gender equality and diversity.

National origins are equally diverse, with at least 13 countries represented in our deals, including African as well as Caribbean, and the Southeast Asian States.

Most of our team members have joined from top private sector firms, while others have experience in development finance institutions and government.

We have an exciting mission

We’re taking Africa forward by focusing on all Frontier and Emerging markets and offering investors the opportunity to invest with a focus on facilitating access to frontier and emerging markets for diaspora and global investors. Let us work together to help realize the ambitions of Frontier and Emerging markets through the power of purpose and profit investing.

We are ready to energize new partnerships and connect to great possibilities by further rolling out our strategy to fulfill our mandate. Join us to do great things for Frontier and Emerging markets and its future generations. This is the spirit of Homestrings. 

We value Integrity

There is nothing we value more than assisting our clients to achieve their objectives by being upfront and clear about our capabilities and limitations.

We believe in transparency

An educated client is a partner in achieving solutions that meet and exceed client expectations. We seek to share our understanding and our approach to problem-solving so that together we achieve desired outcomes.

We are Efficient

We seek not to waste time. If the pandemic has taught us anything is that time is valuable. We will propose the most efficient solutions and timetables that get to desired outcomes.

We are Driven by Innovation

New approaches excite us and we hope they will excite our clients. We will always explore innovative ways of looking at a problem and present solutions that leverage innovation within parameters set by clients.

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