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About Homestrings

Homestrings.com started in 2012 as a web-based crowdfunding platform service that offered unique access to vetted opportunities in Frontier & Emerging markets for the 240 million Diaspora. In that 7 year period in which Homestrings ran the first-ever diaspora investment crowdfunding platform, it attracted over 7,000 members, raised over $30m for 35 transactions across 13 countries. Today, Homestrings is a seasoned diaspora investment engagement platform spanning the globe with assignments to design and and launch diaspora-focused financial products and research engagements Homestrings has conducted diaspora investment feasibility studies – including diaspora bond studies – for the Asian Development Bank (Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia), African Development Bank (UEMOA countries), IFC (Haiti), World Bank (Jamaica) and USAID (Ukraine).

WHY Homestrings→ Homestrings is the go to platform for Diaspora investment solutions for both public and private sector agents. Homestrings has been engaged to structure a pipeline of projects and assets owned by the State, in partnership with Investment Promotion Agencies. Homestrings has advised on the set up of Diaspora-targeted investment funds; and recently, Homestrings launched a Migrant Worker Covid-response financial safety net program called Remit-Aid.com.  

  • Homestrings provides a platform for sovereigns and private companies to raise capital from its diaspora. Homestrings develops comprehensive solutions, including securities and/or vehicles design and launch, marketing outreach strategies and roadmap to fundraising, including identification, structuring and listing of investment opportunities.
  • Recent assignments include: developing a Jamaican diaspora dividend reinvestment stock index following a comprehensive diaspora investment survey; launching a deal structuring and fundraising platform for Caribbean Association of Investment Promotion Agencies; designing a comprehensive digital bond investment solution for Indonesian diaspora investors and government issuers.

Eric V. Guichard, CEO of Homestrings

Eric Vincent Guichard

CEO & Founder of Homestrings

Eric Guichard, CEO & Founder of Homestrings, started the company in his ‘virtual garage’ to solve a problem that he and others like him faced.

Eric grew up in Guinea, West Africa but moved to the USA in his 20s where he attended Harvard Business School, worked at the World Bank and eventually founded his own asset management business, Gravitas Capital (which celebrated its 20th anniversary in March 2016).

Eric, like most in the Diaspora, sends money back to Africa regularly to support family, however, like many middle-class Diasporans, Eric was also very keen to invest in rapid transformation and growth across Africa.